Hello, I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was very nice. It started on Thursday and ended on Saturday. That’s the thing when being a student you have very flexible schedules, especially since I already finished all my classes and am only working on my final thesis. On Friday I went to the Rijksmuseum with my mother. It recently opened after renovations and I really wanted to see it. To avoid the crowds we were there before the museum even opened and already there was a line. It is a really nice museum, the building itself especially. I saw the ‘nachtwacht’ by Rembrandt and the ‘milkmaid’ by Vermeer and some other famous paintings which is pretty cool. I really like old paintings, the craftsmanship and the detail is amazing.

On Saturday I went with my mother to Utrecht to the fabric market. My mother recently started sewing classes. She already knew how to sew the basic things but wanted to get back into making garments. Going to the fabric market kind off stresses her out, because she never knows what to get. So I came a along and for some reason half of the time we were looking for a pattern for a maxi skirt for me. I don’t even know how to sew. It is one of the things that is very high on my bucket list. I came away with a cheap fabric in a nice color. That way I can try it, but if it fails it won’t be a big loss of money. (I have actually tried to learn how to sew before, but that is a story for another time.)

Let’s move on to knitty things. I have finished my skirt!!


After endless and endless rows of stockinette stitches it is finished. I really like how it turned out. It is playful with the wide bottom and the pockets. I asked my mother if she happened to have a piece of elastic band that I could use for the top. And lucky me, she had one piece left and it was the exact right size. Amazing.


I liked this project, but if I were to do it again I would take another weight of yarn so I would have to knit less.

I started a de-stashing project: a striped cowl. I organized my stash a while back and I discovered that I had a lot of balls of the same yarn just each in a different color. Balls I just picked up randomly because I thought I would use them for something but didn’t or I just liked the color.


I’m not following a specific pattern. I just cast on 60 stitched and am working in seed stitch. It is such a random simple project, but I am completely in love with it. I love the texture of the seed stitch; it makes the yarn feel softer and squishier than it actually is. The colors work so well together and I love being able to randomly decide which color to use and how big each stripe becomes. There is absolutely no pre-determined pattern to it. I will just work on it till it is long enough and then sew the ends together. Simple and lovely.


Do you like my nail polish? While my mother was trying on lipstick I decided to try out some different colors of nail polish. I love having bright colored nails. Too bad drying nails and yarn don’t really go well together hehe.