I am not done with socks yet. Even though my boyfriend is already tired of hearing me talk about socks so much, poor him.

My second pair of socks for this month are the feather lace socks. 


The yarn I used is a commercial yarn I got once, but I didn’t like the colors to much so I dyed it again. I like the effect, but it doesn’t really show the pattern very well.


I knit the first sock twice because my first try was way too big. Unfortunately when I was wearing this pair I realized that they were still too big. This is my first pair of knee socks and they will not stay up. So not the perfect pair, but they will keep me warm in the winter.

My super-stripey socks are my third pair of the month.


I used my super-stripey hand dyed yarn, it has ten different colors. My mother requested a pair of mittens with this yarn and I still had 50 grams left. Perfect for small ankle socks. I used a double gusset, which fits really well and kind of hugs my feet. I love ‘m.


Kiwiyarn knits has a great post on knitting socks and how to knit the socks that fit your feet best. It really gave me something to think about when I was knitting. I have now made a few top-down and toe-up socks and here are my thoughts so far:

  • My top-down socks are the most comfortable even though they are a bit big, so I just imagine how perfect they must fit with the correct size.
  • Either I have very slim feet or my knitting is very loose, but almost all socks I have made were too big.
  • I tried a double gusset and I really like the way it feels. I will definitely use this more often
  • I will have to try different heels, because I haven’t found the perfect one just yet.

Conclusion: I have a lot more sock-knitting to do before I have my perfect fit figured out. Like I said ‘I am not done with socks yet.’


Froot Loops

May is the month of socks with the Must Stash Podcast and since it is my favorite podcast I figured that I would join in. I have never really been into sock knitting, but I have been dying up some sock yarn. So this is the perfect opportunity to use some of that dyed yarn.

Venturing into the world of free sock patterns I was amazed at how many great patterns are out there. I started to compiling a list of the patterns that I wanted to knit, but unfortunately it has become so large that there is no way that I am ever going to be able to knit them all. I will have to make choices. Here are a few of my current favorite patterns:

Here is my first pair of socks in this month of socks:


Pattern: Froot Loop by Kristi Geraci

I knit it out of my own hand-dyed yarn, adjusting the colors a bit so they line up properly. I really like this pattern. It is simple, but it has a nice effect.


These were the first socks I knit that weren’t vanilla. (I have only knit two pairs of socks before) They turned out a bit big, but I can still wear them. Next time I will makes them a centimeter smaller.




Roam Tunic

Life is getting pretty interesting these days. My boyfriend and I are going to be moving to Amsterdam in January for his new job. We are so excited to be living in a new city. But it will be very hectic as well, especially because we still have to find a nice apartment to move into. In between all the excitement I of course also make sure I find time to work on my new project.


The pattern is Roam Tunic by Amy Christoffers. It is a very nice pattern, but I have to admit that I am not following it by the letter but I am improvising a bit with the increases and decreases to fit my figure better. I have also decided to make it long sleeve.  It will be a perfect winter sweater/dress. I can’t wait till it is finished. I have to apologize, the picture doesn’t look very nice. I really couldn’t find a good way to photograph it. Better pictures will follow when it is finished.


The yarn I am using in Zeeman Tweed. It is an acrylic yarn, but I don’t mind because it is very soft and thick and it feels wonderful. And as a benefit, it is nice to my wallet as well. Too bad they don’t have a larger variety of this yarn. But you can’t have everything, can you.


A cozy winter image

Things have calmed down a bit lately. No more traveling from one place to another, one day here and one day there. I have to admit that it is nice for a bit. Of course I love traveling to see my friends abroad, people that I haven’t seen in forever. And it is also really nice to spend more time with my family. But I have to say that more than a month of that is quite enough for me. Quiet time is needed. Time to read books. Time to work on my projects. And of course, time to knit. All this traveling back and forth did inspire me to start another big project.


I needed a project that I could easily take with me, that was small and simple. So I decided to start another blanket. Simple garter stitch squares in all the colors I can imagine. I forgot how nice it is to have all these small pieces to make and put together.



I have calculated that I will need a total of 70 squares. So far I have 37, so more than halfway done. Most of the squares are made from leftover yarn. But I have to confess that I have also bought a lot of new yarn and colors.


I can already see myself sitting on the couch, wrapped in my new big blanket, drinking tea and reading a book. Such a cozy winter image.

Winter preparation

I have good news… Last week I officially graduated. It is a bit surreal that I am no longer a student. It is time to enter the ‘real’ world and start looking for a job.

But let’s not think about that just jet. I have some finished projects to show you. In order to prepare for the coming winter I have started making a hat and a pair of gloves. The gloves I started when I went to Hamburg a few weeks ago. We were there four days and stayed with a friend of my boyfriend. It was a really nice trip and I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for four years.


The pattern I used is Karisma Mittens. I modified the top a bit so that the cables continue until the the end. The yarn I used was Drops Karisma that was left over from my Beatnik sweater. I still have a few balls left of that yarn, so mabye there is a hat in the future as well.


I changed the tips of the gloves a bit so that the cables don’t end so abruptly but continue until the end. It was a bit of improvisation on my part, but I think it turned out nicely.

The hat that you see in the pictures the slouchy bubbles. P1090002

I saw the pattern here and I knew it was the perfect pattern. I used Drops Nepal yarn, which I got when I frogged my first shrug. I think it turned out really nice and matched my gloves.


Both projects were perfect stash busters. And I have a feeling that there will be more hats and gloves in my future.

I’m Back!!

Sooo… it has been a while. I hope you didn’t miss me too much. These last few weeks I have been busy finishing my master thesis. It is handed in now and I am waiting (not so) patiently for the results.

However, even though I have not been blogging it doesn’t mean I have been sitting still. I am just not able to sit still, hehe. My hands always have to be busy. I have lots of projects on the needle and I even have some finished objects to show you. I haven’t taken any pictures of the finished objects since it was so warm outside and I didn’t want to be standing there with a big scarf. I am not that crazy.

First I’ll show you my favorite project on the needles. It is almost done, only 1,5 sleeves left. The pattern is Robin by Josée Paquin. It is a really nice project. I love the stripes and the longer back. The yarn I am using is Baby Merino by Garnstudio.


For some reason it took me a long time to get the body finished. I had to do the bottom part 4 times. It was completely my fault, since I wasn’t really paying attention to the pattern. But I have figured it out now and it looks really nice. I should have finished within a few weeks.

In the next few posts I will show you the other projects that I have been working on. 🙂

More Spinning Practise

We went to the coast this weekend to visit friends. It was such a great time. Good food, drinks, nice weather, lots of talk and laughter. Today I decided to play hookie and just have fun. My boyfriend started Chinese lessons at summer school, so I had the house to myself. Knitting, Spinning, Reading. I spend a lovely time in the sun with a nice beer and a good book. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka. I would read it for the title alone.

Over the last few weeks I didn’t have a lot of time to spin and knit. Too busy working on my thesis which is due in a month. But I did work on some projects. I got a lot of spinning done. I don’t really participating in the tour de fleece, but I do try to get a lot of practice done with the spinning.

I had 200 grams of Texelaar (a Dutch wool) which I dyed in a multi-color way.


Which turned into this. 145 meters of multi-colored goodness.


It was really fun spinning this because of all the different colors. It created so many different color combination.

Next I made this:


Into this:


Which was a bit more boring because it was more uniform. But it still turned out nice. I plan to make these two skeins into an Inspira Cowl.

My mother already order a handdyed/handspun/handknit project. I am already brainstorming the perfect project. There are always too many projects to make and not enough time. I still have about 7 WIP’s lying around… More about that later.

A new adventure

I am still working on my transcriptions unfortunately. Hopefully I will be done in a few days. My wrists are getting quite sore from all the typing and I thought it might be best to slow down on the knitting for a while.

I did finish my first pair of hand dyed stripped socks. They were meant for me, but turned out to be a bit too big. So now they are living with my mother. Lucky her, because I already had another pair on the needles for her as well. I will show the foto’s when the second sock is done as well.

For today however, I have something else to share. A new adventure!!


I bought a secondhand spinning wheel yesterday. I know, I am going to learn how to spin. It is very exciting. Lately I have seen so many gorgeous handspun yarn and beautifully colored fiber. And you know, I am a sucker for color.

My undyed wool arrived yesterday and I had so much fun with all the different colors. My boyfriend called me a mad scientist for the rest of the day. I guess I did look like one with my yellow plastic gloves and my jars with strange color concoctions in them.


After long struggles with my wheel I finially got my first handspun yarn. Don’t expect too much, but here it is and I am quite proud of it (even though it looks like a unicorn spit up at hairbal or something).


My goal is to eventually spin a nice even sweater quantity of yarn. Don’t let it ever be said that I am not ambitious.

Something new

It has been a while since my last post, but I haven’t been in the mood for writing. I have done so much typing for my study that I really didn’t feel like typing some more in my free time. Instead I did something else (besides knitting). 🙂 I learned how to dye yarn!!

I have been seeing so much nice sockyarn all over blogland, but I couldn’t find any that were within my student budget. So I resorted to my usual techniques when I see something I want but can’t buy… I try to make it. So I looked at numerous videos and tutorials, I bought some undyed yarn and some dye and I got started.

And me being me I didn’t start of easy. I never do, I just start straight away with what I want. And in this case I wanted self-striping sockyarn. So here we are, my first attempt:

20130609_083712 20130609_122008

It is definitely not perfect. There is green in my blue, green in my purple, green in my yellow. And this is very obvious when I knit it up.


But is self-stripes so that goal was achieved and I am quite proud of myself. Over the last few days I continued “perfecting” my skills.


20130610_092536 20130615_175145

This last picture is not self-striping but it is gradient (I hope). It should start with light blue and go to grey (which was supposed to be black).

It is really fun to do and it is a great break from sitting at the computer working on my thesis.



WIP Madness

I think I have a problem. I can’t seem to stop casting on new projects. Currently I have 4 active project going on and 3 that are slightly hibernated. And I still feel like starting new projects. There are just so many ideas in my head. And there was a yarn sale, so my stash has been enhanced dramatically. And I am really not in the mood to study. Anyway, I’ll walk you through my WIP pile.

First, is my striped cowl.


It is close to being finished. Only 30 cm left, sewing in a lot of ends and then putting it together. I still love the way the colors work together, but the yarn is not the softest.


Second, is the T-shirt for the Must Stash KAL. I have started it again. I cast on a lot less stitches than before and I think it fits now. But the size I am making is smaller than the smallest size in the pattern, which is weird because I am not that small at all.


Third, is Nachtfalter. I have wanted to make this pattern ever since I saw it first.  HollaKnit are having a KAL for this pattern and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start this project. I had some issues figuring out which yarn I should use for it. In the end I decided on Drops Baby Merino and I hope it is the right yarn for it. We will see.


Last is a new shrug. Like I told you last week, my original shrug increased in size dramatically. So much that it just fell of my shoulders when I would wear it. I took it home with me to my mother to see if she knew a solution. Turned out she did, because it did fit her and she really liked it. So my shrug has changed owner. Luckily my mother did give me some yarn to make another one for myself, because I really loved my shrug and wore it all the time. And I really like to say the word ‘shrug’, try it a few times 🙂


It is fun working with these different project with very different yarns, one is very bulky; the other is quite dense and heavy; another is extremely light and stretchy and the last is soft and fluffly.

And now I should get into my studies again.